Grizzly Family Fitness chooses to post pricing because we believe our facility is that awesome! We hide no fees from you. No tricks, No gimmicks, Total transparency!

Our facility is super welcoming, super modern, super family oriented, super clean, super…I think you get the point. The value you receive in return is well worth the money.

If you do a “no strings attached” tour, we will set you up with a FREE 3-day trial membership to try out the club and see if it is the right fit for you. You will have one week to use your 3-day trial membership. Come take a look today!










Grizzly +1




Ultimate Grizzly




Basic Membership:

Access to cardio room, both weight rooms, track, streaming Fitness on Demand, member courts, Youth Court Sports, locker rooms & sauna, turf workout area, Geek League Basketball, pickleball, tweener kid zone

Grizzly + 1 Membership:

You get everything in the Basic Membership, AND you choose one of the upgrade options (below)

Ultimate Grizzly Membership:

You get everything in the gym for one price with all options included (below)

Upgrade options: unlimited usage

CrossFit Grizzly:

Best deal in the Valley; typical CrossFit price each month is $125/person at other places. At GFF you get CrossFit Grizzly and the Basic package. Great value for the money! Oh, this also includes CrossFit for teens and kids.

Group Fitness Classes:

You can attend all non-fee-based classes. We offer a wide variety of classes for members who choose this option. Check out the class schedule on the “Group Fitness” tab at the top of the home page screen.

Grizzly Den:

This is what most places call childcare, but we don’t feel right calling it that at Grizzly Family Fitness. Our Grizzly Den Keepers are extraordinarily nurturing, interactive, and professional. It’s like dropping off your “pride and joy” at Grandma’s house. Grizzly Den access also includes our popular morning class called Tumble Buddies. Tumble Buddies is for ages 3-6 and includes non-stop pre-school style P.E.


We provide unlimited tanning with either upgrade package. Stand up and lay down bed options available.


Grizzly Fitness

11 + 9 =

Gym Hours

Monday-Friday: 5am - 8pm

Saturday: 6am - 7pm

Sunday: 9am - 6pm

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

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