Personal Training

Is Personal Training For You?

Private personal training used to be for the rich and famous. But not at Grizzly Family Fitness. Why? Because we offer 1-1 personal training packages to suit every budget.

If you feel working out with a dedicated trainer once or twice a week will get you faster results, then personal training is for you.  If you believe you need a professional to help motivate and push you, then a personal trainer is just what you need.

Why Do I Need A Personal Trainer?

Remember, the best athletes in the world in nearly every sport have full-time coaches, trainers, and sports scientists. And these coaches work with them on a regular basis. You may not want to be the best runner, golfer, or basketball player in the world. But if getting in great shape is your number one priority, then talk to us about private one-on-one personal training.

Four Facts you should know about Grizzly Family Fitness Personal Trainers

1. Grizzly Family Fitness personal trainers are super knowledgeable

Grizzly Family Fitness personal trainers are selected because they are at the top of their game. Not only are they highly qualified, but they also have tons of extra knowledge that they will share with you.  Grizzly Family Fitness prides itself on providing the best trainers to work with our members.

2. Personal trainers help you achieve your goals quicker.

People who train with a personal trainer work 20% harder than people who choose to work alone. That’s 20% more calories burned or 20% more weight or reps done on the weights machines. Whatever your goal, working with a trainer will help you get to those goals quicker.

3. You don’t have to be with a trainer 5 days per week.

One common misconception about personal training is that you must spend every training session with your trainer. That is an option, yes, but is it the only option? Absolutely not! In fact, most people who have a personal trainer only see their trainer once a week. They train and then their trainer gives them exercises to do in their remaining sessions in that week to keep them driving toward their goals.

4. Personal training is not as expensive as you might think!

If we could give you the body you want now, right this very second, how much would you pay for it? Odds are the amount you’re thinking of is significantly higher than the cost of a personal training session or two (or ten!). We have plenty of options to suit all budgets; we are sure to have the right personal training plan for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself booked in for a free consultation with one of our personal trainers today!

Four FREE Personal Training Sessions Offer

At Grizzly Family Fitness we are 100% committed to helping you get the best fitness, weight loss, and body-shaping results.

To ensure you get the best results you get our 1-Month Personal Training Plan for FREE. Yes, that’s 1-Month of FREE personal training.

Most importantly, this highly successful personal training plan includes everything you need to lose weight, tone-up, get fit, build muscle….and stay healthy.

Here’s how it works…

Day 1: Free Consultation & Fitness Assessment

You meet with your personal trainer for two very important steps to achieving maximum results in the fastest time.

First, your trainer takes you through a ‘10-point’ results questionnaire to talk about the fitness results YOU want.

Second, your trainer takes you through a private fitness assessment. Don’t be scared – it’s important to knowing where you’re starting from.  Your trainer uses the information from your ‘10-point’ results questionnaire and your fitness assessment to design the best gym program for you.

Third, your trainer also shows you all our facilities so you know where everything is: studios, locker rooms, basketball courts, cardio and weights areas, and the running track.

Day 2: Gym Session with Your Personal Trainer

Today is your first training session in the gym. Today you get your personalized fitness plan. Each part of your program has been designed to help you achieve maximum fitness and body-shaping results.

Your trainer works with you for 30 minutes to explain everything on your fitness program. Your trainer also ensures you are 100% confident with everything before moving on.

To guarantee you enjoy your time at Grizzly Family Fitness your trainer also talks about all our group exercise classes.

Day 3: Second Gym Session with Your Personal Trainer

One week after your first session you are booked in for another personal training session to go through and explain your gym program again.

This guarantees you fully understand how all machines and equipment work. We also answer any questions or concerns you may have about technique.

We may also need to modify your program slightly – and may add some more exercises if we think you are ready.

Your trainer also provides advice on nutrition and diet to ensure you’re achieving MAXIMUM results!

Day 4: Your NEW Personal Training Plan

Congratulations! You are now achieving your goals. You should be losing fat, toning muscle, and dramatically increasing your fitness levels.

Our goal is to keep you motivated and to ensure you continue to enjoy exercise. By day 4 you are seeing and feeling the effects of your regular visits to the gym.

Because you’re now fitter, stronger and slimmer, your program is probably too easy. So today you get a NEW fitness plan from your personal trainer. And every component of your personalized plan is gone through in detail.


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