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Grizzly Family Fitness is the Valley’s #1 Family Fitness Club

Grizzly Family Fitness offers a multitude of kid opportunities from birth to teens, from recreational to competitive opportunities, from the super serious athlete to the kids just looking for some fun.  Explore why Grizzly Family Fitness would be a great fit for the kids in your family.

  • Childcare w/ Premium membership
  • Birthday parties – for all ages
  • Bounce House
  • Archery Tag
  • Valley Youth Recreational Basketball
  • Valley Youth Competitive Basketball
  • Tumble Buddies
  • Licensed Day Care
  • Child Care
  • Youth Court Sports
  • Elevate Basketball
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit Teens
  • Open Courts
  • Friday Night Courts
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Sports Camps
  • Summer Camps

Grizzly Family Fitness Kid Zone

Our Approach

Grizzly Family Fitness provides professional child care so that all children and families have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

We do this through…

  • Caring and nurturing environment
  • Professional standards and conduct
  • Partnering with parents
  • Qualified and dedicated staff
Child Care (ages 0-6)

Our Child Care staff is held to high standards and receive regular training.  We know that when you drop off your child, that you are dropping off your pride and joy.  We take that seriously.  If you aren’t happy, then we aren’t happy that we’ve disappointed you.  Be sure to let us know when we are falling short of your expectations.

Child Care is available for children ages 0-6.  Moms and dads can drop off their child for some much needed Me Time.  Parents can work out for up to two hours before they need to pick up their child.  Child Care is available with Premium membership.

Tumble Buddies (ages 3-6)

Tumble Buddies is for older children who still need supervised care.  Instructors work hard to provide enriching, structured play in which kids interact in developmentally appropriate activities.  Instructors are enthusiastic and engage the children to participate, to learn, to grow, even preparing them for school in the coming years.

Grizzly Day Care

Coming soon…Grizzly Family Fitness will open a state-of-the-art professional day care in the fall of 2020.  The goal is for the day care to host kids from birth-5 years old.  The older kids will have a pre-school to attend.  Stay tuned for more details.  Questions?  Want on the wait list?  Contact the Front Desk and ask for Lesley or Mark.

Summer Camps

Coming soon…Grizzly Family Fitness will begin hosting summer camps in 2020 for school-aged children.  Parents needing a safe, structured, stimulating and enriching environment for their kids, ages 6-14, can send their kids to Grizzly Family Fitness for the day while they are at work.  Stay tuned for more details.  Questions?  Want on the wait list?  Contact the Front Desk and ask for Lesley or Mark.

Open Courts

Grizzly Family Fitness reserves courts for our members so that kids and families have a space to just show up and shoot around.  Some days, like Saturdays, there’s no member court because of Valley Youth or a tourney, but generally you will always find a court to shoot around with your kid.

Birthday Parties

Looking for the ideal children’s birthday party venue in the Valley? Check out Grizzly Family Fitness’s birthday party options.

  1. Bounce House – our bounce house can be set up for a rental; families can bring their own cake and presents and do festivities on the side of the court.  Contact the Front Desk with questions, availability, and pricing.
  2. Rent a Court – older kids may just want to hang out with their friends.  Rent a court and shoot hoops, play volleyball, or dodge ball, or Frisbee, or whatever!  Contact the Front Desk with questions, availability, and pricing.
  3. Coming Soon?  We are looking at archery tag as an option for older kids.  Stay tuned for details!
Bounce House

Bounce House time is Kid Courts time.  We set up our bounce house twice a week during the winter and once a week during the summer for member kids to play on.  Non-members are invited too, just pay the $3 fee.  Bounce House is for ages 0-6.

Youth Courts Sports

Youth Courts Sports is for ages 6-16. YCS is instructor led. Kids participate in organized game play. Monday-Thursday during the winter schedule. Summers we add a session of YCS in the mornings. In addition, ping pong tables, air hockey, foosball tables, corn hole, gaga ball, 9 Square, and many other activities are offered during Youth Courts Sports. Tons of options for your “tweeners” while you exercise or even choose to participate with your youngster. Youth Court Sports is FREE to members. Come join the fun!

Sports Camps

Grizzly Family Fitness offers a number of camp experiences throughout the year from basketball to sports performance to summer camps and beyond.  Please contact the Front Desk for details about upcoming camps.

Valley Youth Basketball

Valley Youth Basketball (VYB) is the premiere youth basketball league in the State of Alaska.  Valley Youth provides opportunities for kids ages 4-15 to participate in recreational and competitive basketball leagues at Grizzly Family Fitness.  The five full-sized basketball courts make Grizzly Family Fitness the youth basketball hub.  Valley Youth Basketball also promotes other basketball opportunities like comp tryout information, camps, and Elevate Basketball.  Read more (link to Valley Youth page)

CrossFit Kids & Teens

CrossFit Kids & CrossFit Teens:  CrossFit Kids is for ages 5-12 and CrossFit Teens ages 13-18.  CrossFit Kids & Teens is an extension of the CrossFit Grizzly family but with modifications for youth.  CrossFit Kids & Teens coaches are trained to work with adolescents, teaching them safely foundational and advanced movements that improve sports performance.  CrossFit Kids & Teens allows kids opportunities to work hard in a fun and inspiring environment.  CrossFit Kids & Teen classes meet twice weekly in the afternoons after school.  Please check the current schedule.

Elevate Basketball

Elevate Basketball:  Our professional trainer, Jeff Trainer, a former collegiate player, is regarded as the finest basketball trainer in the state of Alaska.  Jeff is a basketball workaholic, providing opportunities for kids age 5 all the way to the collegiate level.

  What is basketball training?  Basketball training is different than a regular basketball practice.  Individual player development is the focus in training.  Coach Jeff will demonstrate a skill and then have players perform the concept.  Jeff corrects as needed throughout the sessions.  Dribbling, footwork, and shooting are three of the main components of skill training.  Toward the end of sessions Coach Jeff may introduce competitive situations where players use the skills learned during training so they can practice in game-like situations.  

  Questions about Elevate?  Contact Tamara Morgan, Elevate administrator, 907.671.9744 or akelevate8stars@gmail.com

Elevate Session run throughout the year.  Now is a good time to contact Elevate Basketball and get your kid signed up for basketball success.

Night Courts

MyHouse, one of our partners, sponsors Night Courts every Friday at Grizzly Family Fitness from 9PM-12AM.  Night Courts is open to youth ages 14-22.  Trained staff from My House monitor the courts and mentor kids as needed.  Grizzly Family Fitness continues to be thankful for the impact My House has made in the shared vision with Grizzly Family Fitness for the youth of the Mat-Su Valley.

Sports Performance

Grizzly Family Fitness offers many training opportunities for athletes of all ages, sports, and ability levels to improve their athletic ability and skills.  Opportunities extended to CrossFit Training to working with our professional basketball trainer to hiring a Sport Specific Trainer for your sport or taking a class with Magner Speed & Explosion.  

Grizzly Family Fitness has the equipment, the programs, the trainers, and the knowledge to help you excel in your chosen sport.  Some of the Sports Performance programs come with Grizzly Family Fitness membership; other programs require an additional cost and you don’t have to be a member to enroll.

Grizzly Family Fitnesss Home School P.E.

Grizzly Family Fitnesss Home School P.E. program is a mainstay in our rich programming. Home School P.E. has run at the Sports Center for 11 years and has flourished due to the quality programming, from the instructors to the curriculum to our beautiful facility. Home School P.E. includes sport fundamentals, strength and mobility training as well as social growth and team participation. Enrollment is limited to 25 participants per class. Classes are scheduled by the quarter and meet twice weekly. Classes are divided by age groups.

More about Grizzly Family Fitness Home School P.E. …

Quality physical education is an important component of a healthy learning process. Our program and challenging elements into every class with standards set to meet or exceed state and national health recommends.

Grizzly Family Fitness offers two types of home school P.E. options:

  • Mon/Wed are designated game days. Sports include soccer, basketball, floor hockey, kickball and more!
  • Tues/Thur are conditioning days centered around calisthenics. Coordination and balance and always, fun!

Please see the updated flyers for information about session length and cost.


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