Crossfit Grizzly

CrossFit Grizzly is a close-knit community of friendly, fun people, motivated by educated and experienced coaches who utilize a modern, up-to-date Box that is second to none in the State of Alaska.  Come join us!

Our Culture

Safety first.  We warm-up thoroughly as a team. We value good form over more weight. We cool down and work on improving our mobility after all workouts. Our coaches are passionate about fitness and have a genuine interest in you becoming fitter and getting results. Our coaches will scale the intensity for any fitness level. You do not need to be in shape or have been working out to join us. Come join us and see how true fitness can change your life.


CrossFit Grizzly fosters a sense of community – a community of members from all walks of life:  police officers, fire fighters, slope workers, business owners, construction workers, doctors, teachers, full-time moms, business and service industry personnel, elite athletes, kids, retirees and drop-in athletes from all over the world.

Our Uniqueness

CrossFit Grizzly is the Box tucked within a box.  CrossFit Grizzly operates within the walls of the modern and sprawling Grizzly Family Fitness.  However, CrossFit Grizzly is its own enterprise.  Only CrossFit members are allowed to utilize the Box.  The Box is run independently from the rest of the business as the team of coaches decide on programming, equipment purchasing, training, offerings, etc.

The uniqueness of CrossFit Grizzly extends beyond the Box.  Members of CrossFit Grizzly are also considered members of Grizzly Family Fitness.  Non-CrossFit members are not allowed to use the Box, but CrossFit Grizzly members are allowed to use the rest of the facility.  Many members take advantage of the numerous opportunities for their children while they themselves work out.  Grizzly Family Fitness has child care for infants to toddlers and Tumble Buddies for kids ages 0-6.  Older children can participate in Youth Court Sports or use the member court for individual time or games with friends.

Ambitious Class Schedule

7 different WODs per day provide ample opportunity to work out regardless of your schedule. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. CrossFit Grizzly boasts a supportive community of like-minded individuals that are all here to have fun and get in shape.

Community Minded

CrossFit Grizzly members love their community and their heart for kids is displayed through the CrossFit competition they host each November, called The Reliance Games (TRG).  TRG is a fundraiser for The Heart Gallery, a non-profit organization that finds adoptive homes for older foster kids.  In the past over $30,000 has been raised for The Heart Gallery to continue its mission in finding homes for those who need help the most.  CrossFit Grizzly and Grizzly Family Fitness donates all the time and expense so that The Heart Gallery can maximize every dollar of the event.  In other words, neither CrossFit Grizzly or Grizzly Family Fitness keeps any of the money.


Tandemonium is the annual state-wide CrossFit competition run by CrossFit Grizzly and hosted at Grizzly Family Fitness.  Tandemonium is well attended because the competition is largely held on the massive court space provided by the five full-sized basketball courts at Grizzly Family Fitness.  The CrossFit Box is used in addition to the back parking space.  CrossFit Grizzly members organize the event and use proceeds to purchase new equipment for the Box.

We Want You

Since first opening our doors, CrossFit Grizzly has been committed to making every member and visiting athlete feel welcome and part of the team. Because we have embraced and encouraged an inclusive environment, our members all know each other, welcome newcomers, demonstrate their support for one another, and socialize in and out of the gym (we throw great parties!). And, although many of the workouts we perform are for time and can be competitive, it’s all done in an encouraging, non-threatening environment.

Crossfit Is Not Just For Adults

CrossFit Kids & CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Kids is for ages 5-12 and CrossFit Teens ages 13-18.  CrossFit Kids & Teens is an extension of the CrossFit Grizzly family but with modifications for youth.  CrossFit Kids & Teens coaches are trained to work with adolescents, teaching them safely foundational and advanced movements that improve sports performance.  CrossFit Kids & Teens allows kids opportunities to work hard in a fun and inspiring environment.  CrossFit Kids & Teen classes meet twice weekly in the afternoons after school.  Please check the current schedule.


Grizzly Fitness

Gym Hours

Monday-Friday: 5am - 8pm

Saturday: 6am - 7pm

Sunday: 9am - 6pm

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