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Do you want to work out and be healthier but are unsure where to start? If running every day or lifting heavy weights doesn’t sound fun, Grizzly Family Fitness has the solution for you. We offer several weekly yoga class options. Yoga is the perfect balance of strength, balance, and flexibility training. Check out a class today!

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, unlike most other forms of exercise, focuses on both the mind and the body. Through a series of breathing exercises meditations, and postures, you can see:

  • Increased flexibility: Most of the postures require some stretching, and since we hold each posture for a few seconds, your muscles loosen up.
  • Increased strength and toned muscles: Yoga is not easy. While some phases and postures aren’t strenuous, most will push you to use most of the muscles in your body. You’ll burn fat and tighten those muscles.
  • Improved respiration: Yoga always focuses on breathing. You’ll learn to breathe deeply and evenly despite holding a difficult posture. This boosts your energy and can increase your feelings of calmness and peace.

Some of the other physical benefits of yoga include better cardio and circulatory health, improved balance, and enhanced athletic performance.

However, keep in mind, physical benefits are only one side of the yoga coin. Yoga is also known to provide mental health benefits, such as stress relief, clarity, body awareness, and relaxation.

Grizzly Family Fitness wants you to experience all of these benefits, so come try yoga at one of our yoga studios. We’re confident you’ll quickly fall in love with it.

Benefits of Coming to Us

Grizzly Family Fitness has served the residents of the Valley for over 10 years, and we have something for everyone. From our kids’ zone to our adult and family plans to our senior programs, no matter your age, we have ways to help you get fit.

Call us today at (907) 746-7529 to learn more.


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