Valley Youth Basketball (VYB) is the premiere youth basketball league in the State of Alaska.  Valley Youth provides opportunities for kids ages 4-15 to participate in both recreational and competitive basketball leagues at Grizzly Family Fitness.  The five full-sized basketball courts make Grizzly Family Fitness the youth basketball hub for the State of Alaska.  Valley Youth Basketball also promotes other basketball opportunities, like competitive team tryout information, camps, and Elevate Basketball.

Recreational Leagues

Recreational basketball leagues are held in the fall and spring.  Players as young as kindergarten can begin their basketball career on a team (with modified rules).  Games are played on Saturdays at Grizzly Family Fitness with practices held at either Grizzly Family Fitness or at a local elementary school during the week.  Rule changes, such as lower baskets, basketball size or scoring rules, allow younger players the opportunity to compete, but with developmentally appropriate modifications.


Grizzly Family Fitness hosts 3-4 comp tourneys each year with teams from all over Alaska.  Tourneys typically run on a Saturday and Sunday.  Teams play a minimum of four games with winning teams receiving a trophy or t-shirts.

3on3 League

Valley Youth’s 3on3 league is the fastest growing league in Alaska. In fact, teams were turned away this year! The league occurs in the fall and is a great starter league for the basketball year. 3on3 provides greater emphasis on skill development and individual play. With only three kids playing at a time, players have more opportunities to practice their skills in game-like situations. Besides that, 3on3 is just plain fun. Contact Steve Imoe with questions… 

Competitive Leagues

 Competitive leagues are run in the winter and spring.  Teams from Anchorage and the Valley compete in games on Saturdays.  Teams organize themselves (e.g. find their own practice times, purchase uniforms, etc.) but play their games at Grizzly Family Fitness. 

League Calendar

You will find no better organized league as the league calendar and registration information is set months ahead of time.  In addition, parents can register digitally on for all leagues.  League standings can be checked on the website as well as accessing each player’s team schedule using the website or the user-friendly Sports Engine app.  Grizzly Family Fitness works hard at producing a professional product.  One example of this is found in the quality officiating.  Grizzly Family Fitness contracts with a local business to provide ASAA certified officials.  Grizzly Family Fitness leagues expect the best officiating and believes it receives that because of these high standards.

If interested in more information about Valley Youth, follow the above link.  You will find information about league registration, rule modifications, upcoming tourneys, pending Grizzly Family Fitness camps, etc.  If you have more questions, please contact Leagues Coordinator, Steve Imoe. or 355-7643.


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