Improve Sports Performance

Grizzly Family Fitness offers many training opportunities for athletes of all ages, sports, and ability levels to improve their athletic ability and skills. Opportunities extended to CrossFit Training to working with our professional basketball trainer to hiring a Sport Specific Trainer for your sport or taking a class with Magner Speed & Explosion.
Grizzly Family Fitness has the equipment, the programs, the trainers, and the knowledge to help you excel in your chosen sport. Some of the Sports Performance programs come with Grizzly Family Fitness membership; other programs require an additional cost and you don’t have to be a member to enroll.

Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Track & Field, Hockey, Baseball

Whatever your sport, we have the equipment and expertise for you to be stronger, faster, fitter, and to perform better whenever you compete. Run longer. Throw further. Sprint faster. Spike harder. Play better.

CrossFit Kids & CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Kids is for ages 5-12 and CrossFit Teens ages 13-18. CrossFit Kids & Teens is an extension of the CrossFit Grizzly family but with modifications for youth. CrossFit Kids & Teens coaches are trained to work with adolescents, teaching them foundational and advanced movements that improve sports performance. CrossFit Kids & Teens allows kids opportunities to work hard in a fun and inspiring environment. CrossFit Kids & Teen classes meet twice weekly in the afternoons after school. Please check the current schedule.

Elevate Basketball
Our professional trainer, Jeff Davies, a former collegiate player, is regarded as the finest basketball trainer in the state of Alaska. Jeff is a basketball workaholic, providing opportunities for kids age 5 all the way to the collegiate level.

What is basketball training? Basketball training is different than a regular basketball practice. Individual player development is the focus in training. Coach Jeff will demonstrate a skill and then have players perform the concept. Jeff corrects as needed throughout the sessions. Dribbling, footwork, and shooting are three of the main components of skill training. Toward the end of sessions Coach Jeff may introduce competitive situations where players use the skills learned during training so they can practice in game-like situations.

Questions about Elevate? Contact Tamara Morgan, Elevate administrator, 907.671.9744 or

Elevate sessions run throughout the year. Now is a good time to contact Elevate Basketball and get your kid signed up for basketball success!

Hire a Sport-Specific Trainer (for youth)

Ultimate Grizzly membership at Grizzly Family Fitness allows members an unheard-of discount for 1-1 personal training for their child. A sport-specific coach can be hired to work 1-1 for just $30/hour! That’s unheard of pricing.

Typically, personal training fees approach $75-100/hour. Sport-specific coaches may vary throughout the year but call and ask the Front Desk for details about the coaches available for hire. Sport-specific coaches can be hired to work on skills for an individual sport or for more general athletic training and conditioning skills.


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